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    Seeking Winnie HUNT Parker 1797 Georgia Indian Past - Bigbee & Wulu Creek


      I have checked BIA, Georgia, and Houston Archives which lead me to 2 roll number applications #11413  and a 34.... . The first one was declined that mention Dennis Parker married to Niciises Peebles through O'Connors that have now passed because they were turned in late in 1979 for docket 275.  The other one HENRY TRAVIS PARKER JR , was another son of GEORGE MARION Parker that was son of Winnie Hunt PARKER. It's family line wasn't a direct ancestor of mine and the applicant was indian because he was born in 1919 by a Nolan mom that had ties to George Stiggins in the past who is Indian. So my conclusions so far is that many of the Parkers married into Indian households through the generations.


      People on ancestry of been writing down Winnie Hunt is native american, can you give me page number from the books that you are citing because when you state that she is in ANNIE WATERS, History of Escambia County, Alabama....it is out of print , library looked in back at Parker family lineage pp. 570-580ish and it only had dates. Where in the book does it have her parents names and quote she is Indian? If anyone has Waters or Adcock book, please send me an email copy of that page.


      Since Winnie is born in 1797, I can't find birth certificate because Georgia starts in 1860's,,,,,,does anyone have a baptism certificate?, Was her parent John Hunt and Wulu? What happened to them........Did Winnie tell anyone in family or pass anything down? Someone online in early 2003 said that her parents got lost during trail of tears. I have reached out to Echols and some groups in Alabama.....Is there anyone else with information about my 4th great  grandmother Winnie?


      Also, looking for information on Travis Parker born to Winnie in 1822, because he is supposedly married to MARIAH (no last name ) and later has Flora Parker that married WILLIAM Arnet Hayes. There is no exact date of his death and he doesn't have a marriage certificate with Mariah, only the last name Parker goes to Flora and other siblings? Was he married to someone else? SOME EVEN HAVE HIM ON chart as dying at 10 years old. Anybody, in Georgia and Alabama that can help me with more info on WINNIE AND OTHERS?