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    Seeking Manual for Vietnam Era Active Duty Start Dates (ADSDs)


      I need help with my ancient ADSD.  I’m an old dude, looking for old information. I served active Air Force (AF) 1975-1979 and the Air National Guard (TANG) 1980-1981. I have proper DD-214s from both. My issue is in 1970s/1980s inactive time counted towards ADSDs.  I have 19 months inactive time between AF and TANG. And both my DD-214s, document and credit this time. I joined the Navy in 1987, and they honored this time and paid me accordingly until I retired. I retired in 2005, and the Navy adjusted my ADSD saying my 19 months of inactive time does not count.


      Can’t retrieve manuals from back then, but I do remember a AF Manual that recognized all the different rules/interpretations over those years.   It stated that ADSD and Pay Entry Basic Dates (PEBDs) already established and documented should not be adjusted by today’s standards. That documented date should be honored. Hope this rings a bell, giving up hope of finding anyone remembering the old ways. In 1970s, attempting an “an all-volunteer “ service, they were promising all and giving credit for all time.  This is exactly where the current “delayed enlistment “ program began. Thanks for listening and I do hope you can help.