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    How to add comments that refer to an entire set of documents


      Hi. I've found my calling in transcribing handwritten letters during the Civil War (Approved Pension File for Terrick Compton, Father of Private William C0ompton, Company H, 2nd New York Cavalry Regiment (WC-230113) ). I've completed over 30 pages of just over 100, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge. As mentioned previously, after the first few transcriptions, I'm used to the soldier's handwriting and transcriptions are going much faster.


      So my question is - How do I indicate comments/notes that could apply to the entire document? A specific example is the soldier's use of "a" before verbs ending in -ing.

                Its a gitin late....

                We're a going to move soon...

      This dialect was/is common in some parts of the country, even today. But I wonder how many future researchers (or current  researchers  from other parts of the country) will understand this verbatim transcription. 


      I believe this point was covered somewhere, but I can't find the reference now. Thanks in advance for any help.