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    Naturalization number on passengers lists


      I'm looking to find all of my grandfather's naturalization and whatever other immigration documents there are.  All I have are the census, a 1928 ship's passenger list, and a record of his arrival to America c.1890.  When my grandfather returned from a visit to Italy in 1928, the naturalization column on the ship's list(where it asked for court info) had the following for Andrew Jannett...P.P. No 478399/Atlantic County, NJ/1923.  The problem is I cannot find any info about this P.P. number(petition?, certifricate?, file?).  All of the naturalized passengers had one of these numbers.


      I'd like to find out what this number refers to before I send in a USCIS request which I think is probably my last option.  The state does not maintain these records and a search at the county level turned up nothing(also using his birth name Fiore Giovanetti).  I've also been on every site I can think of searching.