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    How do I order a copy of a photograph from the National Archives?


      My father served USCG on board LCI(L)325 during the Normandy Invasion.

      I was shocked and totally surprised when I visited the World War II Museum in NOLA and saw a picture of the very LCI. As a point of reference, just after the very blue diorama, my wife & I turned to the left and came face to face with the picture of my dad’s ship.

      I have found other pictures of his ship, but I’m hoping you can direct me to the source for your display. I’m wondering if the
      museum’s display is a “close-up” of this photo:


      US National Archives photo # 26-G-2333 from the National Archives US Coast Guard Collection


      A convoy of Landing Craft Infantry (Large)  sails across the English Channel toward the Normandy Invasion beaches on
      "D-Day" 6 June 1944. Each of these landing craft  is towing a barrage balloon for protection against low-flying German aircraft.

      Among the LCI(L)s present are USS  LCI(L)-325 and USS LCI(L)-4.


      The Assistant Director for Collections Management from the World War II Museum responded:

      I looked and the photograph that you saw is not the same as the one you noted below, but it is part of the same series. Its number is 26-G-2399 and it is from the National Archives.