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    Records about my father's POW imprisonment in US during WWII


      Hi, I'm from Vienna/Austria and looking for record of my father in WWII. My father was Lieutenant in the Wehrmacht  (Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 2) and I am looking for records of his POW imprisonment in the US during WWII. He was captured in Soissons/Normandy/France on 28-8-1944,  registered  as POW (# 31G800159) on 16-9-1944 in camp U-102 Europe (I don't know where this place was, do you?). On 25-9-1944 he has moved to an Evacuation Zone of interior.


      I have asked the German Deutsche Dienststelle WASt in Berlin in 2017 for more information and they sent me a copy of the "Prisoner of war preliminary record" from 16-9-1944 filled out by my fathers hand. If you want I can send a copy of this paper. The WASt told me all that information I have written here.


      So I assume that after a (short?) stay he was shipped to US (which city/harbour?) and then transferred to a POW camp in US. But what camp ? And situated where ? WASt did not have any information about those actions in US.


      Actually I know from WASt that my father returned end of 1945/begin of 1946 back to POW camps in Attichy and Stenay in France. Finally he was discharged in April 1946. He has died at home in Vienna in 1968 when I was 12 years old and too young for the horrible WWII history.


      So this is the whole story and I hope that you can find records of his captivity at the National Archives. Any help would be appreciated!


      Thank you very much.

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          Sylvia Naylor Scout

          Dear Mr. Müller,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          The personnel records of World War II German Prisoners of War (POWs) were returned to Germany and as you already know, can be accessed through the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt).  There are a few series of records that contain some records relating to German POWs. Descriptions of the records can be accessed in the National Archives Catalog here


          The National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) has custody of the Records of the Office of the Provost Marshal General (Record Group 389). Enemy POW files among these records consist mostly of camp inspection reports, camp labor reports, camp historical files, detention rosters, POW grave location reports, and Italian service unit reports. Because the files are arranged by type of report or file and thereunder by the name of the camp, identification of the specific POW camp is necessary before a search can be conducted. There is no listing by state and the records include minimal information about individual POWs.


          Please contact RDT2 via email at archives2reference@nara gov with any questions you may have.  When writing an inquiry to RDT2, please make sure to include your father’s first and last name, his date of birth and place of birth.


          We hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck with your research!


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