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    Seeking Records of Brother's Military Service

    Eugene Stewart Newbie

      Seeking Military information on my brother, Sterling D. Stewart, who served in Korea from 1950-1951 with 92nd Armored Field Artillery Division at Kilgok, Korea.  He served under Lt. Col Leon F. Lavoie in Korea and His service # was  RA-16299948 US Army.  They told me that his records were destroyed in a fire at the storage of records in Saint Louis, MO.  I know he had a Bronze Star in Korea and I would like to get a copy or a list of the other awards and medals he received while in the service.


      They only sent me the National Defense Medal because I have no records of anything else because of the fire.  He was discharged as a E-4 on October 12, 1951 with an Honorable Discharge which I have a copy of. He also reenlisted in the Army from October 13,1951 through April 26, 1955.  He served his country from October 13, 1951 through April 26, 1955 and was discharged with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions My brother passed away in 2015 at the age of 83 in Boise, Idaho.  I would like a list of the Medals that this unit received in Korea and what my brother was eligible.  Help me if you can.

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          Elliot Schneider Tracker

          Mr. Stewart,


          When he returned home what was his place of residence and or county? I would try reaching out to the county veterans service office where sterling would have reside after coming home from the war. If you have received a response from NPRC previously I would submit it again using SF-180, state you want service members complete file and include previous military enlistments. But also check with his county veterans representative many soilders recorded their discharge with county they lived, you may want to contact the state of Boise Idaho State veterans office as well.



          Bureau, Office of Veterans Advocacy

          Bill Heyob

          OVA Bureau Chief


          444 Fort Street


          Boise ID 83702

          Fax: 208-780-1381

          Ph: 208-780-1380





          Elliot Schneider

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            joan stachnik Adventurer

            Hi Eugene, if you can find your brother's separation papers, and I'm assuming they would be similar to those issued for WWII, those should list his awards. Also, for WWII veterans, many filed a copy of their separation papers with state or county offices upon their return. So you might want to check your brother's home state/county (Veteran's department I believe) to see if he did so also. Hope this is of some help. joan

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              Eugene Stewart Newbie

              Elliot Schneider


              His residence was Virginia, IL., Cass County, IL., his papers were lost after 60 years and when I sent the SF-180 form in, the answer back was all records of my brother were destroyed in a fire in 1973 in Saint Louis, Mo..

              I do not know where to turn to?

              Gene Stewart