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    Discharge by reason of Dependency


      My father received an Honorably Discharge from the Army on July 31, 1941 by reason of Dependency.  The listed reference is (Section V, AR 615-360), Sec I, WD Cir # 42, dated Mar 15/41, SO # 151, par 7, Hq, AFRTC, Ft. Knox, Ky, dated July 25/41. Do you have any idea of the reason for dependency discharge?

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          I have heard this before you might be able to find in  Army Regulations from 1941 or that time period. I had heard that in those days depending upon the circumstances a service member could apply for dependency. Example birth of a child, wife depended on her spouse for care, or Children, wife, grandparents were dependent on the registrant labor and support.





          Elliot Schneider

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            Rebecca Collier Ranger

            Dear Mr. Lupo,


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            The provisions of Section V, Army Regulation 615-360 states that “when by reason of death or disability of a member of the family of an enlisted man, occurring after his enlistment, members of his family become dependent upon him for care or support, he may, in the discretion of the Secretary of War, be discharged from the service of the United States.” Sec. 29, Act June 4, 1920 (41 Stat. 775; U.S.C. 10; 652; Sec. 230, M.L., 1929).


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