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    When p.2 is the original scan of p.1


      I've seen this twice in the past (first) week of my work. After I've transcribed page 1 and moved on to page 2, page 2 comes up exactly the same as page 1, but appears in a different format - if that's the correct word. It appears to be the original scan of the one-page document.


      Do I transcribe it again, or do I make a note in [ ] in the transcription line indicating that it's an exact copy?


      It seems misleading that there are two pages to the document, when in fact there is only one.



      (I am working on the Radio Press Report from WW I - the 4th one down in the suggested list for beginners)

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          In many of our records we provide single individual digital images of each page, then one combined PDF of all the pages.  This combined PDF is useful and easier for people who would like to download one file with all the pages, rather than download each individual page as a file.


          However, when the record is only one page it can be confusing.  When you advance to the second page to transcribe or to even view, you go to the single page PDF next.  It is a duplicate of the record, in a different file format.


          There is no need to transcribe the PDF as it would be a duplicate.  Some Citizen Archivists will transcribe it by copying and pasting the previous page's transcription into the PDF.


          Let us know if you have any other questions, we're happy to help!


          Suzanne Isaacs

          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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