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    Seeking photo from FBI report (1940s)



      I'll preface my post by mentioning that I am relatively new to using National Archives collections.


      I'm seeking some guidance in finding a photo from an FBI report. I recently made a FOIPA request to the FBI for a report that refers to a missing person's case in the 1940s and I'm particularly interested in obtaining a copy of a photo that was sent to the FBI at the time of the incident. In response to my FOIPA request, I was sent a copy of the report, but no photo. I know that the photo was sent based on correspondence in the report.


      I understand that Record Group number 65.10 (Still Pictures (General)) may be the appropriate place to search for this photo in the National Archives collections. Is this photo something that I can find online or can I submit a research request to NARA?


      I am not sure if this helps with any potential privacy issues, but I am related to the individual who went missing. The case was unsolved and I do not know if my relative died or survived, so I cannot furnish a death certificate.


      Thanks for any help you can provide!

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          Dear Ms. Dorsey,

          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          The National Archives at College Park - Still Pictures (RDSS) have very few photographs from Federal Bureau of Investigation Reports. The photograph may be in the FBI case files and that particular case file may be the custody of the National Archives (NARA). However, NARA will need to perform a search, then review the records prior to release. FBI case files have significant access restrictions.


          To initiate this review, you will need to submit a Freedom of Information Act request with the National Archives, providing the case file numbers. FBI records are arranged by case number; they are not name or subject searchable. With the case numbers, NARA then will be able to verify if a file is in our custody and available for access. FBI case file designators typically are in the form of ##-AA-####. This is the number that NARA requires to access FBI records. You may submit your FOIA request via email to specialaccess_foia@nara.gov.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

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