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    Seeking Secretary of Navy Order to select Pacific coast naval yard


      My understanding is that on January 15, 1852, Secretary of Navy, William Alexander Graham ordered a Naval Commission to select a site for a Naval Yard on the Pacific Coast of the United States. Commodore D. Sloat along with Commodore C. Ringgold, Simon F. Blunt and William P.S. Sanger (former overseer of construction of Drydock Number One, Norfolk Naval Shipyard) were appointed to this commission.


      Specifically, I am curious to know if a copy of the actual order from Sec. Graham still exists, along with any additional supporting documents regarding the work of the selection commission.



      Scott Stick

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          Dear Mr. Stick,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          National Archives Microfilm Publication No. M977: Navy Department General Orders and Circulars, 1798-1862 (2 rolls) may contain the information you seek. M977 is available for viewing at the National Archives at Washington, DC (RDT1) and the National Archives at Atlanta (RE-AT). These records have not been digitized.


          If you would like to order a copy of M977, publications on microfilm can be placed on a DVD for $125 per roll/disk. Please complete the NATF Form 36 and mail it to the address on the form with your remittance. If you wish to pay by using a MasterCard or VISA credit card, you should return the form (annotated with type of credit card, account number, expiration date, and your signature) to the National Archives Trust Fund, Cashier (BCT), 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD  20740. Your account will be verified before the DVDs are shipped.


          OR you may order online at https://www.archives.gov/shop/ and click on "Request & Order Reproductions Online." Select "microfilm." Type in the microfilm publication number such as T918 and click on "search." A listing of the publication title(s) will appear. Click on the name of the publication.  That will take you to a summary page. On the right hand side of the page will be a pdf file. Click on "View Important Publication Details." This is a listing of the contents of the microfilm rolls. In the middle of the summary page, click on "Continue to Order" to purchase the rolls in which you are interested.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


          [Information was provided by Nate Patch, Subject Matter Expert]

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