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    Seeking records of William Chauncey Smith before 1844


      I am trying to find some Smiths. Specifically, I'm trying to find parents and siblings for William Chauncey Smith, born 19 July 1818 in Massachusetts. He was living in Pittsfield, MA in 1844. His father was born in Massachusetts and his mother was born in Connecticut. I have no other information on him before 1844 beyond the facts I just gave you.


      In 1844, and after, he was a charcoal-burner, and his nickname once he reached Missouri was "Coaly." I have all kinds of info on him once he's in Missouri. It's just the pre-1844 stuff I don't have.


      I haven't been able to find William Smiths that match him in the Pittsfield census in those early days. I wonder if Coaly was out in the woods firing charcoal when the census taker came around.


      In his 1844 account book that I have, he was a boarder with Ichabod Chapman, a venerable old farmer who lived near Pittsfield. Coaly cut a couple of loads of wood every day and made his living that way. He was also living around Pittsfield in 1854, according to a second account book of his I found.


      In 1863 Coaly showed up in Missouri to marry my g'g'g'grandma, and he lived here ever since. My uncles also vaguely remembered a story in which he traveled around a lot to places like Virginia before he settled here. It is possible that he also came out to Missouri in the 1840s, as one William C. Smith did buy a plat of land here in 1845 (and it's close to where my g'g'g'grandma's family also bought land -- so maybe they met there).


      This is probably a lot. Let me know if you need me to narrow down some choices. I've been all over the censuses but those don't always have all the information you want them to.