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    Clara and her 1880...er, 1881 diary

    Sharon McKinley Adventurer

      I'm sure others have noticed the crossed-out days of the week in Clara's 1881 diary, but it took me quite a while (since I didn't transcribe the very first page of it) to figure out why all the days of the week were heavily crossed out and replaced. A simple web calendar search, and voila! Now I know! Our thrifty Clara, finding that she still had an 1880 diary book handy, and presumably NOT having an 1881 version around, simply used what she had. Or maybe she got a bargain at some point in 1880, and planned ahead. Who knows? At any rate, she changed every single day of the week, but left 1880 stand throughout. Maybe this is overkill, but I'm adding the correct day of the week in brackets to pages I work on now, to show what's been crossed out.


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