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    The Dixie Mission in China and anything about Major James L. Butler


      Jim Wright asked a question in April 2019 that was answered by Rebecca Collier on May 1, 2019.  My question is very similar and much of her answer applies.  The text of his question is, "How do I access as many records as possible about the Dixie Mission in China in World War II? I am researching Brooke Dolan II, a member of the Dixie Mission who died in China at the end of World War II.  Seeking any research advice. including to find any reports he filed, cause of death,  etc." 


      I am interested in any information about a different person associated with the Dixie Mission:  Major James L. Butler.  Butler served from November of 1946 to March of 1947.  He was a photographer who could develop his own film so there also may be photographs associated with his part of the Mission.  His daughter is looking for any primary sources concerning him, his correspondence, memos, photos and etc.  She showed the photos she has to me and there are many with high level communist officials, including Mao.  Thank you.