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    Adams Family of Groton, Connecticut 1700 - 1800


      I would like to correspond with individuals who can help me locate records of the children of Simeon Adams (1742-~1800) and Lydia Brown (widow Sparhawk) (1741-~1800) of Groton, Stonington, Mystic, Montville, Salem, Colchester, CT and Stephentown, NY.  Simeon was the son of Nathaniel Adams and Hannah Wheeler of Groton, CT.  Lydia was the daughter of Humphrey Brown and Tabitha Holdridge of Stonington, CT.


      In 1890, genealogist Nelson D. Adams submitted the following post to The New England Notes and Queries:  “Adams -Simeon Adams of Stonington, Conn., married, prior to 1770, widow Lydia (Brown) Sparhawk, who by previous marriage, had daughters, Sabra, born 1763, and Lydia, born 1765. Simeon Adams had eight children born in Stonington between 1770 and 1778, who married into the Rathbun, Ransom, Rogers, King, Yeomans and Burdick families. I am unable to connect this Simeon Adams with his ancestry. Who can aid me in doing so?-N.D. Adams, Washington, D.C.”


      Using the married names listed in Nelson D. Adams’ newspaper queries, I believe Simeon Adams' children are (1) Simeon Adams Jr. (1770–1833), who married Esther Ransom (1772–1847); (2) Hannah Adams (1771–1856), who married Jonathan Rathbun (1765–1843); (3) Wealthy Adams (1775–1873), who married Bliss Ransom (1770–1855); (4) Nathaniel Adams (1783–1861), who married Clarissa Yeomans (1763–1849); (5) William Adams (1785–1868), who first married Nancy Rogers (1781– 1820), then Delia Olmstead (1789–1865); and (6) Samuel Rathbun Adams (1790–1822) married Frances (Fanny) Burdick (1792–1881).



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          Dear Mr. Johnson,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          We searched the National Archives Catalog and located the series Population Schedules for the 1800 Census but no digital images are available at this time.


          We searched FamilySearch and located 536 results for Simeon Adams Jr.; 830 results for Hannah Adams; 258 results for Nathaniel Adams; .2,287 results for William Adams; and a North American ancestor file for Samuel Rathbun Adams. We were unable to locate records about Wealthy Adams.


          We also searched  Ancestry and located an entry for Hannah in the 1850 U.S. Census for Connecticut. To view the records on Ancestry there may be a fee. Or you could view the records online at one NARA's facilities for free via ALIC. For the nearest NARA location, please consult our web page at https://www.archives.gov/locations/. FamilySearch viewing is free after you login.


          Additionally, you may want to contact the Connecticut State Library and view their genealogy index webpage.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck on your research!

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            Henry Rosenberg Tracker



            1800 census listing Simeon and Jr.


            That's all I got so far.


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                I too believe this is the correct Simeon Adams and Jr.  The same 1800 census image also reveals another family name just above Simeon Adams, that being Samuel Rathbun.  Samuel married Lydia Sparhawk, daughter of Simeon Adams' wife, Lydia Brown, from her first marriage to Simeon Sparhawk.

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                    Henry Rosenberg Tracker

                    I'm glad it was relevant. It amazes me that these records are even available. Many times you need to corroborate what you have by tracing other ancestors. For me, it helps to confirm what I already have which prevents me from pursuing false leads.


                    Page from my search for SImeon Sr.



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                        Here is more information I have found for the presumed children of Simeon Adams Sr. and Lydia Brown (Widow of Simeon Sparhawk):


                        1. Hannah Adams:

                        1.1:  "The Compendium of American Genealogy", Vol. 5, Pg. 221, by Frederick Adams Virkus, states that Hannah Adams, who married Jonathan Rathbun, was the daughter of Simeon and Lydia (Brown-Sparhawk) Adams. The Compendium also states that Simeon served during the Revolutionary War.

                        1.2:  "The Rathbone Genealogy", Vol. 1, Pg. 90, by John C. Cooley, 1898, states that Hannah Adams married Jonathan Rathbun.


                        2. William Adams:

                        2.1:  The Rathbone Genealogy cited above states that Hannah was the sister of William Adams and half-sister of Lydia Sparhawk, who married Samuel Rathbun.

                        2.2:  William Adams is buried in Menands, Albany, NY, along with his second wife, Delia Olmstead.


                        3. Nathaniel Adams:

                        3.1:  I have a copy of a land record that shows Nathaniel Adams sold property to Samuel Rathbun, spouse of Lydia Sparhawk.

                        3.2:  Nathaniel is documented to have married Clarissa Yeomans in the 1803 Connecticut Centinel.

                        3.3:  Nathaniel and Clarissa are buried in Gouverneur, St. Lawrence, New York.


                        4.  Simeon Adams Jr. and Wealthy Adams:

                        4.1:  The 1800 federal census for New London County, Connecticut suggests that Simeon Adams Jr. is the son of Simeon and Lydia (Brown-Sparhawk) Adams.

                        4.2:  The Indian and Colonial Reseach Center in Old Mystic, CT, has an original 1793 school bill for Simeon Adams Jr. and Wealthy Adams documenting their parents as Simeon Adams Sr.

                        4.3:  “The Ransom Family of America”, by Willys C. Ransom, documents that Simeon Adams married Esther Ransom.  Esther’s brother, Bliss Ransom, married Wealthy Adams.

                        4.4:  An 1803 tax assessment form for Stephentown, Rensselaer, New York lists Simeon Adams and Bliss Ransom as owning acreage and livestock together.  I assume this is Simeon Adams Jr. and Bliss Ransom Jr.


                        I continue to search for vital records linking Simeon Adams to his children.


                        Simeon Adams Family Hypothesis