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    Seeking information on Isabella Redbird


      Need some information,  please. Grandma Eliza Redbird married name Gullikson told me she had a sister that died at an Indian boarding school. Isabella Redbird was one year older than Eliza Redbird. Isabella Redbird is buried at Hill church. They ordered the wrong tombstone. So Eliza has two tombstones one in Wagner and the other is at Hill church. Think I found her. Now the question is which Indian boarding school and what was the cause of death? I think the Indian boarding school was in Greenwood, South Dakota and may be run by the Department of the Interior. Isabella Redbird was born in 1885.  Father was Luke Zitkanaduta Redbird and mother was Sarah Lucy "WakanCekiyewin" Deloria. I want to add a marker so that she will have one of her own.

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          Unfortunately mortality rates were high at some Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) schools in the early years, with epidemics of various diseases and such, so this is a very likely cause of death. If Isabella Redbird was from another reservation and the family or home agency would not pay to transport her body, she would be buried at the school and researching these cemeteries is common, though often unsuccessful, in our holdings.


          Greenwood would have been the Yankton Agency. In 1899 they had a boarding school called Yankton but we were unable to find the date of closure. The problem with BIA schools is that a wave of them closed in the early 20th Century and in many cases the records, if not captured by a BIA agency office, were lost. You may wish to contact the National Archives at Kansas City; they may be able to give you more information about South Dakota BIA records. Their email address is kansascity.archives@nara.gov.


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