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    Seeking list of Half-Breed members

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      In 1858 Saswe signed as “E-ha-we-cha-sha” (Hinhan Wicasa, “Owl man”) on the Yankton Treaty. When visiting Washington in 1867 with Struck-by-the-Ree, he received government recognition as “Chief of the Yankton half-breed band”. About 1858 this band had been organized by agency leaders and was called the wasicu cinca (“white man’s sons” or “half-breed band”) or “8th band” of the Yanktons. Philip J. Deloria (Tipi Sapa) (Wasichun-Chincha, White Men's Sons, or 'Half-Breed' band)

      The Half-Breed band was created at the Yankton Reservation in the 1860s. It was originally led by Frank Deloria (Saswe)
      — at 1867Who were the members of this band?