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    Seeking Immigration and/or Arrival Papers for Christian H. Johannessen


      Is there a way to find the Immigration Papers, and/or Arrival Papers for my Great-Grandfather, Christian H. Johannessen without having to pay Ancestry.com's Division FOLD 3.Annual Fee of $79.95?


      They provided the following information:

      • Petitions and Records of Naturalizations of the U.S. District and Circuit Courts of the District of Massachusetts, 1906-1929  Publisher: NARA  National Archives Catalog ID: 595176  National Archives Catalog Title: Petitions and Records of naturalization, compiled 12/1790 - 02/1970  Record Group: 21  State: Massachusetts  Short Description: NARA M1368.
      • Petitions and records of Naturalizations of the U.S. District and Circuit courts of the District of Massachusetts, 1906-1929.  Roll: 164  Roll Description: ENTER  Court: U.S. District Court  Date of Court Document: 21 Dec 1922  Immigrant Full Name: Christian H Johannessen  Document Type: Certificate of Arrival  Home Country: Norway  First Witness's name: [Blank]  Second Witness's name: [Blank]  Year Immigrated: 1912  Original Data From THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES:.

      In order for me to see or access any actual papers, they require an annual fee of $79.95. Can I access this via the Internet on my own? How do I locate accurate documents and images of these documents?


      Thank you!