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    Where are the General Orders for 90th Bombardment Group, WWII


      I found a letter my father wrote to the Army in 1945 requesting the status of an award for the Silver Star his commanding office told him he was recommended for on November 5, 1943 for action on October 12, 1943. His records from St. Louis, MO did not include that medal. In follow up requests, I was told that there were no records indicating that my father was awarded that medal.


      However, I established communication with the son of one of my father's crew members and he sent me a newspaper article from 1944 in which his father was interviewed. In the interview, this crew member stated that because of the crew's actions on October 12, 1943 the entire crew were awarded the Silver Star. I've spent 100's of dollars with researchers looking through pilots logs, after action reports but have not found any information as to the crew and my father being awarded the Silver Star for action on October 12, 1943. The last researcher I contracted with could get me the medals that each crew member had been awarded but without details as to when or under what circumstance the award was given. Knowing that many of the crew served the entire war in the Group and saw extensive action and at least one crew member also went to Europe and served with the 8th Air Force there and saw action.


      Just knowing which medal each received would not answer the mystery I am trying to solve. Are there General Orders for the 90th Bombardment Group, 5th Army Air Force for medals awarded for the period 1943 and possibly 1944?