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    Seeking information for Amateur Radio licenses


      I couldn't tell from the description of the RG 173 materials if early license material was included. Can you help me with the availability of dates? I am looking for commercial and amateur radio licenses issued 1920-1922.


      Thank you!

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          We heard that you came to the National Archives at College and were assisted in the Textual Research Room. We hope you were able to locate the information you were seeking. 

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              Thanks, Rebecca. I got close. I think it is quite possible that licenses or copies of licenses are not in these early files at all.


              It's challenging to even identify which boxes to request for review as indexes of the files prior to 1927 (which even the finding aid describes as "incomplete") have to be requested and pulled - and with the summer pull restrictions, you get a look at the index, find something, request that and poof! the research day is gone. Unfortunately I was only sponsored to look for a few days. If I had the leisure I'd love to come in and browse/catalog all 281 boxes!


              I did find a typed copy of a letter from a company I was researching in correspondence between its Radio Inspection District office (Baltimore, though it was an Atlanta-area entity) and the Navigation Commissioner in DC. But when I tried to get some later correspondence (identified from the index) I was foiled by an apparently misplaced file (I filed a maintenance report). It was a disappointment after all the searching it took to get to that point!


              I absolutely loved my few research days at NARA, though.

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