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    Researching a military photo


      This is a 1950's photo of a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  The soldier is a relative of mine.  In November 2018 in the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California, this soldier lost his home and all his possessions including this photo (one of his prized possessions).  The photo was used by the Army as a recruitment poster.  Special permission was granted by the Pentagon for the photo op.  The photo is unique in that the Sentinel is at parade's rest and at a side angle to the Tomb.  I am desperately trying to find another copy of this photo.  The attached is a picture of the picture and is grainy.  I have searched the internet for weeks trying to locate this photo somewhere and have been down many rabbit holes without any luck.  Can anyone help me?  This soldier turns 90 years old soon and would love to have one copy of this photo.  Thank you