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    Seeking birthplace of Rocco Cavico, Sr.


      I am trying to find out where in Italy my GGF was from. He came to the US in the late 1800's and eventually became a US citizen so I have his social security number. Every record I have including his ship manifest, marriage and death record, his naturalization petition and oath only say birth place is Italy but no town/commune is listed. Can I order his social security file and would it list his place of birth? Any other help trying to find this info would be appreciated. Name was Rocco Cavico, born in Italy in 1871 and died in Newark NJ in 1945. Lived in Newark the entire time while in the US and married Lucia Bagnole, also from Italy. (don't know where in Italy either) They are supposedly from Campagna Italy, just need to find the town.

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          Dear Ms. Baglivi,


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          The Social Security SS-5 Application does record the date and place of birth, but the entry for Rocco Cavico in the Social Security Application and Claims Index only notes “Italy” as place of birth so there may not be any additional detail on the SS-5 form. If you are interested in pursuing the SS-5, here is the website you can utilize to place a request. This blog post includes an image of an SS-5 Application where you can see the information fields you might expect to find on Rocco’s form.


          The New York Public Library wrote this blog post about researching Italian ancestry and there is a “Further Reading” section at the bottom that provides a list of books that may be useful in your search.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck on your research!


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            Hi Patricia,

            Did you ever get an answer to your request for info re: Rocco Cavico Sr.? If not, I may be able to help.  He is also my GGF.  Your grandmother Marie and mine Anna were sisters.  Please let me know.  Best regards. Alan.