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    Seeking Radio licenses 1918-1922


      I'm looking for copies of licenses (or other evidence of the licenses) granted to a handful of individuals and one company by the Radio Division of the Department of Commerce about 1918 to 1922. I have call signs for a few amateur and commercial stations that were located in Radio Inspection District 4 (including Atlanta and Savannah).


      I reviewed the index for correspondence relating to license requests for this time period that appeared to be organized by city from which the correspondence originated and found nothing for the cities noted above.


      In one day of limited research at the Archives II was unable to discover with certainty whether actual licenses, or copies of licenses, are in the files at all. In the folder I found for license correspondence for Radio Inspection District 4 (File 1061-4, box 66, Record Group 173) I found only correspondence related to cancellations, expirations and nonrenewals - and none at all concerning my research subjects.


      I am absolutely hooked on finding my needle in the haystack - or, indeed, determining for sure there is no needle to be found. The indexes of these records are described in the Record Group 173 finding aid as "incomplete". Any guidance would be very appreciated! Thank you.