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    How to query the NARA database.


      How to query the NARA database to find RG 226 entries.  I have found entries 210 through 220. I am looking for others such as Entry 154, Box 21 "Teams In Yugoslavia". Or RG-226, Entry 190, Box 660, File 985 "Capt Conrad G. Selvig, Report on Activity in Jugoslavia". Etc.  Thanks.

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          National Archives Catalog Scout

          It sounds like you want to search the National Archives Catalog.


          Here's a good way to search within a Record Group:

          Start with an advanced search, place 226 in the Record Group field https://catalog.archives.gov/advancedsearch


          In the search results select Record Group from the filter on the left side


          Click on the Record Group description and navigate to the blue box that says Search within this record group


          In the search box, remove the wild cards *:* and place your search term there and click Enter.


          Here are some tips that may be helpful:

          • If you are looking for a name or phrase, put those terms in quotations for the search, example “Tule Lake”
          • Narrow down your results by using the filters on the left side of the search results page.
          • Search results bring back all formats of records.  Use the filters on the left side to narrow your results to a specific type of records if, for example, you only want to view textual records
          • Not all of the descriptions in the Catalog include digitized records.  To see those that have digital images in the Catalog, after conducting a search, use the filter on the left side to narrow your results to Archival Descriptions with Digital Objects
          • If you find a record you'd like to use, you can download it.  We have a video tutorial How to Download Records for the National Archives Catalog  If the downloaded record is not the dpi you require for your project, please contact the office listed in the Contact(s) of the description
          • While we have more than 80 million digitized pages in the Catalog, this is only a small percentage of our holdings.  If you find a description without digitized images attached, reach out to the reference staff listed at the bottom of the description in the Contact(s) section. 


          If you have any additional questions, contact us at catalog@nara.gov


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            Jason Atkinson Ranger

            To build on National Archives Catalog's response:

            Individual files and reports are not always listed in the catalog descriptions in the National Archives Catalog (NAC). Most records are described at the record series level only. It appears that you are following the notes or citations given by someone else.  Ideally, these citations would include a record series name. However, if you have a record entry number it can still be possible to search by that. In NACs Advanced Search write 226 in the Record Group Number / Collection ID field. In the Description Identifier field put the entry number, such as 154 or 190.


            In this case, entry 154 is Field Station Files, 1943 - 1945 (National Archives Identifier 595084).  Entry 190 is Field Station Files, 1941 - 1946 (National Archives Identifier 595664). The specific files you are seeking have not been made available online. To access these records contact National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) at archives2reference@nara.gov.

            We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

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              Thanks for the help, it's exactly what I was looking for.  I plan to go to College Park on Monday to look at the textual records.  What information do I need to supply to request these records to look at?  In the example for Entry 190 in the RG 226, what info from the results in the example will I need to have the Box pulled?  Thanks again for your responses!

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                Jason Atkinson Ranger

                Before you visit, be sure to view the web page National Archives at College Park for information about our facility, to include research room rules and procedures. You can also call our customer service number 1-866-272-6272 with questions.

                When you arrive at our research room, National Archives staff will be on hand to assist you with requesting records. I'm pasting below a sample reference service slip. The following information about the records is typically necessary to request textual records at our research room in College Park:

                Last Name and First Name:  Your name.
                Researcher Card Number: 
                If you do not already have a National Archives researcher card it will be necessary to register for one when you first arrive.
                Record Group Number:  In this case, it would be Record Group 226

                Series or Collection Name: This information is listed in the National Archives Catalog as the main title for the series level description.

                Entry Number:  This refers to the HMS/MLR Entry Number listed under Variant Control Numbers.
                Box Number and/or File Designation:  For some records, the National Archives Catalog description includes a file unit list or container list. For some records, a finding aid is available with the custodial unit that can help you identify which boxes you need.  For some records, you would need to provide a file designation and NARA staff would use that file designation to determine which boxes you need.
                Stack/Row/Compartment/Shelf:  This information is not listed in our online Catalog. When you visit our research room, National Archives staff will provide to you the finding aids that have this information.

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