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    Asterisks In Front of Names In City Directories



      I use City Directories quite frequently in my genealogy research. I have noticed in many of the Directories that there is an asterisk in front of an individual person's name. After checking the abbreviation section in each City Directory I am at a loss as to what the asterisk might designate. I do not see it every time I have seen an ancestor's name. I am sure that someone here must know what this is used for. Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.

      M. Carter

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          J. Andrew Scout

          I should imagine that there is no single answer to that, as city directories would have been produced at the local level and there would have been no nationwide standard.

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            Most of the city directories I am referring to are produced by R.L. Polk City Directories, a company that has been in business since 1870. In any given year, they published directories for multiple cities. I highly recommend this source to all of my genealogy friends. I finally found the answer to my question and I am posting it here in case someone else needs this information.


            In a 1911 Directory, after the Abbreviation section, it states, “An asterisk (*) before a name denotes colored.”


            As I stated previously, sometimes the asterisk is there and sometimes it is not so I assume that it was subjective and up to the enumerator. I do come across that from time to time.


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              The date and location often determines what the asterisks meant. In a number of locations, asterisks usually was used to denote race of African American residents. In other cases, it was used to denote a new resident at a given address. Unfortunately, the directories did not include a key to the symbols used.


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