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    German poetry-loving left-handed soldiers?

    Sharon McKinley Scout

      There's always something different....and once again I'm proving i have nothing better to do.

      So why are there 3 German poems, in that unreadable script I love so much, in among a beautifully composed, nicely-written lefty letter? I do not know! But I happened upon them, because there isn't much left in there to be transcribed. Happily, I found 2 of them easily enough (because there's NO WAY I can read that writing!): a dramatic poem by Schiller and a poem by a less well-known poet (today, anyway) named J.S. Tauber. I found good OCR for the Schiller, and transcribed the Tauber, making whatever little changes the writer here made. PLEASE go back and accept them. They're as good good as could possibly be!!

      Sharon M.




      Wallenstein Piccolomini online source OCR:



      original typeface:






      online source (original typeface only):