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    Why did my question get rejected?


      Why? Huh?

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          Hi Destiny,


          Thank you for your interest in History Hub! To paraphrase from our Comment and Posting Policy, this is a support community for history enthusiasts, researchers, citizen archivists, family historians, and archival professionals. We moderate questions and comments before they are posted because we believe that a well-managed community will be more valuable to all members.


          We not discriminate against any views, but we do reserve the right to remove content for any reason whatsoever. This includes comments or questions that are off-topic, which is the most common reason a question might be rejected. For example, we would not approve the question "Why is the sky blue" on History Hub because it is out of scope for the type of content we feature. (However, this page from NASA may provide an answer.)


          Thank you for using History Hub, and thank you for caring about using primary sources for information. I heard an interesting podcast the other day that featured Bill Nye, who said that the most important thing for kids to develop in this era was their critical thinking skills and the ability to distinguish trustworthy information from false statements. I think there's a lot of truth to that.


          We wish you well in all your future endeavors!



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