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    Seeking records about Frank W. Yetter


      I'm interested in learning about civilian Frank W. Yetter, archery instructor for blind veterans after WWII, at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital.He taught the blind to out shoot the sighted.  I would love photos and details.  How do I learn more?

      https://digital.library.temple.edu/digital/collection/p15037coll3/id/78270---"Two Marine corps veterans, Corporal Bob Riley, of Little Rock, Arkansas, and Private Walter Lotz, of New York City, are "looking" at the target before beginning their shooting. The specially designed target, perfected for the use of the blind by Frank W. Yetter, professional archer and instructor at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, is made of three pieces of sheet metal, each having a different metallic sound when hit by blunt rubber-tipped arrows."


      I have found articles about Frank W. Yetter in the Philadelphia news.  I am interested in more information and photos.