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    Understanding WWII military map coordinates/ locating WWII maps?


      For a trip this fall to several European WWII sites, I am conducting research for a friend into the deaths in action of his two great-uncles, SGT Archie Vaughn and PFC Otis Vaughn. The Vaughn brothers were twins fighting together in the 2nd Bn 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 5th Infantry Division. They were posthumously awarded Silver Stars for their actions on Hill 339 east of Verneville, France, on 11 September 1944. After action reports from the 5th Infantry Division appear to provide map coordinates that I hope will build on information regarding Hill 339's location generously provided me by the historian of the 5th ID Association.


      My problem now is that I am not familiar with WWII era map coordinates so I need help (1) understanding the coordinates in the after action reports and (2) locating a map that uses this system of map coordinates to confirm as closely as possible the location where the Vaughn brothers fought.


      The coordinates: The 5th ID after action report mentions a counterattack by the 2/2 of the 5th ID on 11 September 1944 that carried "as far as the bottom of Hill 339 at (767626)."


      Map overlays: Map overlays from the 2nd Infantry Regiment operations reports include several index markings, one labeled 66 (vertical) and 70 (horizontal), another has 63 and 63, and a third has 65 (vertical) and 55 (horizontal).


      If anyone can help me solve this puzzle, I will be most appreciative, as will the friend on whose behalf I am conducting this research.