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    Seeking location of Naturalization Records in 1906


      The instructions state that naturalization records ‘prior’ to 1906 are located at the local courthouse whereas for those ‘after’ 1906 are maintained at NARA. So where do I look for my great grandfather who became a citizen IN 1906? It is neither before nor after 1906.


      i guess his petition would be prior to 1906 but what about the other records? thanks

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

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          The problem is that the law changed on September 27, 1906. Therefore, it will depend on which month the naturalization occurred in 1906. We suggest that you contact the National Archives facility that has custody of the Federal court records for the state where the individual resided. Also, it took time for all of the local and/or state courts to comply with the shift of naturalization responsibility to the Federal courts, so you should check with the local courts/state archives if NARA does not have the records.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


          [Information provided by Elizabeth Burnes, Subject Matter Expert]


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