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    Seeking records on Campbell family, 1700s


      I retired to Eastern NC from the DC area and am now doing some research on my community there, called Campbell's Creek.  It is in southeastern Beaufort County near Aurora along the intracoastal waterway.  There is also a large waterway running through the community called Campbell's Creek; for over a year now, we have been researching the Campbell for whom the creek and the community were named.  We have discovered a land patent dated 1735 referencing "Campbell's old house" and another dated 1794 referencing "Campbell's line".   No first name is ever mentioned.  We believe the creek may have been named in the late 1600's or earlier.  How were creeks named back in those days?   We have also discovered a rural post office map dated 1914 indicating a Campbell family on the route in our community, but we can find no further information about this Campbell family anywhere.  Can you help?