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    Final "Letters to Lincoln" pages published: 1865-1889 assassination and aftermath

    Lauren Algee Scout

      By the People volunteers have transcribed 26,000+ letters and completed (a.k.a reviewed) 4,700+ Lincoln pages in just over six months. Many of your transcriptions are published on loc.gov, and more will appear later this month!


      Because of your incredible hard work on the papers covering Lincoln's life from the 1830s through 1864, this week we released the final group of materials in the "Letters to Lincoln" Campaign: "1865-1889: Assassination and aftermath". Delve into these papers to try to understand the events leading up to and following Lincoln's death.


      A quick scan of the pages brought me to this fascinating page, this 1865 letter introducing actor Edwin Booth, the brother of assassin John Wilkes Booth, to Lincoln secretary John G. Nicolai. Review its transcription here.