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    Seeking WWII deck logs for US merchant marine vessels




      I see good advice for locating deck logs for US Naval vessels, but merchant marine vessels under Coast Guard command seem to be stored separately.  I'm looking for deck logs for the vessels and dates shown below.  In my searching online I was directed to nara.gov, which ended up suggesting I send an email request to: "newyork.archives@nara.gov".


      Here are sailings of interest:

      • SS Edward Bellamy:  depart 30 Apr 1943 (from east coast US) bound for Port Said, Egypt.  Return from Port Said, discharge 7 Sep 1943 New York.
      • Park Holland: depart 30 Sep 1943 from Boston, discharge 1 Feb 1944 Newport News, VA.
      • Park Holland: depart 2 Feb 1944 from Newport News, discharge 16 Feb 1944 Philadelphia, PA
      • W.B. Rogers: depart 9 Jan 1945 from San Francisco.  Discharge 2 Apr 1945 San Francisco.
      • W.B. Rogers: depart 5 Apr 1945 from San Francisco bound for Saipan, Marianas.  Discharge 22 Aug 1945 San Francisco.
      • SS Swan Island: depart 13 Dec 1945 from New Orleans, LA.  Discharge 3 Feb 1946 Galveston, TX.
      • SS Swan Island: depart 16 Apr 1946 from Chester, PA.  Discharge 11 May 1946 at Philadelphia, PA.


      So, I guess my question is, "Is this the correct correspondence address for this sort of deck log request or is there an alternative source for these documents?".