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    USAT Barney Kirschbaum




      Your page indicates that "in 1951 the Department of the Army destroyed all manifests, logs of vessels, and troop movement files of United States Army Transports for World War II and most of the passenger lists." (So sad.) I am researching the movements of a ship involved with returning war dead from Europe in 1948. Not sure if this falls under WWII ships and destroyed records. The ship was USAT Barney Kirschbaum. I am seeking the passenger list (deceased) for its arrival at the New York Port of Embarkation on Dec. 31, 1948. Or any other records related to that journey, which began in Antwerp, Belgium, Dec. 11, 1948. For example, would NARA have records related to activities to the New York Port of Embarkation in connection with the ship's arrival and unloading?


      Thank you for any help.