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    Seeking ship deployed in the Pacific Islands, 1930-1932


      I am trying to track down a U.S. Naval ship that my Grandfather served on in the Pacific Islands between 1930-1932 and then "jumped ship" while in Nuku'alofa, Tonga. I'm not sure of his real name at this stage as I think he changed it to prevent being tracked down. However he said to a Police Constable in NZ that he had 'jumped ship' and arrived in NZ on 23rd January 1931. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          Dear Mal Riley,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          To determine what ship your grandfather served on, we suggest that you request a copy of his Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). The medical and OMPFs of enlisted men of the U.S. Navy who were separated from the service after 1885 and prior to 1955 are located at NARA's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), (Military Personnel Records), 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138-1002. Please complete a GSA Standard Form 180 and mail it to NPRC.


          Once you know the name of the ship, please contact the National Archives at Washington, DC (RDT1) via email at archives1reference@nara.gov for the deck logs.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


          [Information provided by Nate Patch, Subject Matter Expert]


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