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    Incorrect date on a letter

    Sharon McKinley Adventurer

      Here's an interesting little problem. I'm reviewing some Clara Barton (i LOVE that woman!), and just for fun was looking up a senator who was being eulogized. I found that he died in March 1864, but  Clara wrote March 29, 1863 Tuesday.  March 29, 1863 was a Sunday, and Mar. 29, 1864 (a leap year) was a Tuesday. She simply wrote the wrong date. But how do we make a note of that? It's actually on the already-accepted (by me, darn it!) 1st page of the letter.



      Uh-oh, I just looked at the next letter. On this one, she got the year right, but the date is a bit fudged, and she changed Tuesday to Wednesday! She finally got it back together on March 31, 1864, a Thursday.


      So of course we transcribe what she wrote, but it would seem useful to make a note of these errors somehow. Let me know; I started to edit the 2nd one, to hold it open until I find out what to do.