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    Japanese American Internment


      I am trying to locate records or any data concerning my Great Grandfather and Great Uncle from thier incarceration in the Pinedale/Tule Lake Camps. My great Grandfather died during their time there, I have a copy of the Pinedale Logger, Vol. 1, No.5. with a story on the front page and continued on page 10 about my great grandfather's life and etc. However I hope to find his file or that of my great Uncles to obtain furher details into searching this part of my family.


      Names of interest: Henry S. Matsumoto (American Name) Seizo / or Keizo Matsumoto ( japanese name), b 28 May 1863, Japan

      Death: 12 June 1942, Fresno General Hospital, Fresno CA.


      Married: 26 October 1892, Tacoma Washington - Marie Virginia Juillerat (D;1939)


      Immigration: 17 June 1885; Doc#16398- Immigration rec states: Allow person travelling in San Francisco, U.S. America to pass without hinderance & give him such protections as he may be in need of. Document was signed by Marquis Inouye, Kaoru, Foreign Minister of Finance


      Citizenship: 9 January 1896, Tacoma Washington; Oath issued by I.G. Bigford & John H. Otto, Judge signing document; Emmett N. Parker.


      My Uncles name is Louis Gaspard Matsumoto; B: 24 APRIL 1906, TACOMA WA; D: 04 AUGUST 1995, incarcerated at Pinedale/Tule Lake with my great grandfather; job prior to camp Naval Shipyard Tacoma/Seattle WA. M: Martha Word.


      I am looking for any documentation regarding both family members to find further information regarding my great grandfather;s family in Japan, his specific port of entry, or original port of exit from japan, person listed to contact upon his arrival on manifest, interment/incarceration data in his files etc. He is not found on the RG 60 list nor the other places.  So I need help as I have proof he was there but no file is located.  I would even like to find the sale of the family home and belongings if possible. I would appreciate any and all help as this is a big undertaking as our family has so little information on our great grandfather. 


      Sincerely Kim LeRoy