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    Need help determining who my dad is....


      I have had the AncestryDNA testing done and do not have the funds to hire a genealogist or private investigator to figure out who my dad is. I have several matches that show as first or second cousins but no one so far has heard of my mother or would have even been in the same towns as her at the time of conception.


      My mother, grandmother, grandfather, and great-grandmother and father have all passed on and NO ONE has any idea who the man could be....



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          Hi. Those are really good DNA matches that could definitely lead you to finding what you are looking for.


          First, screenshot everything you can about the matches- their info, shared matches, and family trees. Don't reach out to any of your matches just yet.


          Then, join a facebook group called DNA Detectives. They help people learn to do what you are trying to do, providing advice, guidance, and a second set of eyes.


          Good luck!

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            Rebecca Collier Ranger

            Dear Ms. Lambert,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            If possible, you might want to consider doing another DNA test (ex. 23andMe) because they draw from different pools of individuals for their results and it may produce additional people they could reach out to regarding familial matches.  Most people only test with one of the DNA companies and there is no way to know in advance which test will uncover your closest relatives or the person with the most information. A reminder to keep checking the results of the DNA test(s) may be good too, as the matches will update as tests are completed by new users.


            Also, who is listed as the father on your birth certificate?  Is it possible that another “original” version of the birth certificate could exist that would list your father?  Some states will provide access to original birth certificates.


            We hope these suggestions are helpful.


            [Information provided by Elizabeth Burnes, Subject Matter Expert]


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                Rebecca, thanks for responding. I have added my results to several DNA databases in order to gain the high tea amount of matches possible. Some of those databases are: FTDNA, GEDMatch, Geni, My Heritage, etc. I check them on an almost daily basis for updates.


                There is no one listed on my birth certificate and I have a photo copy of the original. I don’t think the one I have would be any different than a certified copy but it is always a possibility.



                I wish I could take a few different tests and upload the results from them but financially I don’t have the resources to do that right now.