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    Nothing to Transcribe?/Walt Whitman Campaign


      I have a question about this type of thing (which I'm seeing at times in the Walt Whitman Collection)...


      Page 1 with the poem (I did transcribe):



      Page 2 was the back of this paper clipping that had the poem (it has newsprint, but is unrelated, I believe to this project). Not sure what to do...transcribe or mark nothing to transcribe (according to info in the help files...but this is slightly different than what is referenced in the help file):



      Additionally, sometimes there are magazines which have his poems printed. Should pages that have no reference to Walt Whitman or any poem be marked as nothing to transcribe or should they be transcribed? Also, what about the Table of Contents for those magazines? Transcribe the entire Table of Contents? Again, not sure how to handle.


      See below for the help file paragraph I'm referencing; it doesn't quite match these two situations, so would like some guidance.


      When not to transcribe printed text:

      Some mass produced calendars and diaries contain many pages of pre-printed almanacs or other text that should not be transcribed as part of this project. This is not the core text we are aiming to capture. However, if you want to transcribe it, feel free. Alternatively, click "Nothing to transcribe".

      Thanks in advance.