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    Looking for Federal Land Grant Application # 51814


      I have been working on Family Genealogy for  many years, and I have found a land Grant to Sarah Turner, wife of John Turner.  It is located in the Lebanon Land office of Calhoun County, Alabama.  The Federal Land Grant Application # 51814, was recorded there in 1854. Therefore we know John was dead by this time, but do not know his death date. How would I get the application or a copy of the Bounty Land Warrant?  Would I be able to see the information offered that named Sarah as Mr. Turner's wife?  I am not sure of what to ask for since, we have no proof of the name or death date.  We only know that the Sarah Turner is the mother of our proven  great-great-grandfather, and Calhoun County Alabama is the home of his brothers and sisters in the same area as Sarah's land grant.