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    Seeking information about Flora Crook Thompson's death, June 1937


      I am searching for either the death certificate or burial location of Flora Crook Thompson born September 1859 and died in June 1937.  She lived a majority of her life in West Long Branch, Monmouth, NJ.  She was married to Cornelius Johnson Thompson (1841-1897) on November 28 1881. She was the daughter or Thaddeus Crook (1837-1882) and Sarah Green (1839-1864).  I found two articles listed below in the Red Bank Register in 1937 that indicated she fell and injured her spine in April and a second one in July stating how her estate was distributed to her son & daughter.  I also found an article about her daughter, Josephine I Kimmins, of Denver having to return to the east coast due to the death of her mother in June 1937.


      Red Bank Register, April 1, 1937, page 9

      Red Bank Register, July 1, 1937, page 23


      Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

      Kelli Johnson