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    Help for a newbie


      Hello, I am new here and just started my transcribing attempts yesterday. Could I please have some feedback on my work?https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/clara-barton-angel-of-the-battlefield/diaries-and-journals-1892-1901/mss119730045/mss119…

      I also transcribed a letter in the Lincoln collection and submitted those pages for review -- should I have left it as "In Progress" instead? Any tips will be most welcome, hoping to be helpful as I do enjoy deciphering handwriting. Thanks!

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          suzanne piecuch Adventurer

          Hi Jill!


          I'm a relative newbie too, having been transcribing/reviewing just since December (and not having much time to devote here of late).


          Looking at your link, seems to me you have the formatting down, and unless you plan to go back to it, you can just Submit for Review, same with the Lincoln letter.


          They've added a feature that allows you to reopen a submitted transcription, so you can always go back and fill in stuff you couldn't decipher on the first round, as long as it hasn't been opened for review by someone else (and sometimes this can be a long while).


          It's an awesome project, and deciphering is such a treasure hunt! Welcome and have fun.