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    Seeking records on Great-Grandmother

    Lisa Rhodes Newbie

      I need help identifying my paternal great grandmother.  Here is the information I have been given about her.  Her name was listed as Doris Crane.  She was said to have been born in England in 1906. She died in San Francisco in 1934.  I was told she came to the US in 1920, however I can't find any immigration information about her.  I have no other family information.  My great grandfather was in the navy during WWI, and i don't know if he met my great grandmother in England and brought her back or if she came alone or with family.  I don't even know if they were legally married as I can't find any marriage records.  There is another Doris Crane in San Francisco at the time my great grandmother was there who was a socialite and had a ship named after her.  They are not related. If you can help I'd be grateful.  I'm starting to think she changed her name,  or was one of the lost children of England, who came to Canada as an indentured servant and escaped....