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    6th Airborne Division Unit / No. 10 Commandos / British Army

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      My uncle KURT THEODORE GOLDSCHLAGER, an Austrian Jew, who volunteered for the British Army and was placed in the No. 10 Inter-Allied Commando's during WWII. For his protection, his name was changed to KENNETH EDWARD CLARKE.


      I read that there is footage of an incident he was involved in on April 3, 1945. where he saved part of his troop from the enemy while under fire. (Part of a Dutch troop) in Onasbruck, Germany. I got this information from a book written about the Commando's by Nick van der Bijl. My uncle Kurt/Kenneth won a Mention in Dispatches in the London Gazette in 1945. The footage was taken by the 6th Abn Div. Unit. (6th Airborne Division Unit) But I can not find this film. Mostly because no one seems to know where these type's of footage are housed? I've tried looking on YouTube, I've written to the British Army Museum, and they thought that NARA had it, (the National Archives & Records Administration) And NARA thought Britain had it?  So now what?


      His first service number is # 13881160 .His second service number is # 13118804. (Presumably had two numbers because of the name change? Goldschlager to Clarke). I also have a photo of him for identification if needed.


      Kindest regards to all!

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