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    Don't Know What To Do With This Page

    Henry Rosenberg Tracker

      I came across this page. My inclination is to redo it without all of the names in the margin but I am not sure. For the moderators, what would be the best way to deal with this page? I tend to transcribe them with the letterhead and address but tend not to go to the trouble of including all names as was done. I could place the text below that if you recommend. Let me know.

      Thanks, Henry

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          Melissa Himes Adventurer

          I would redo the page and put all the names in order with their proper headers.  For example, Officers:  George W Coleman, President Ford Hall Forum, Boston, Mass.; Stephen S. Wise, 1st Vice-President, Free Synagogue Forum, New York; ... Then Directors, the Advisory Committee with their names and information.    Formatting to match the document is not as important as making sure everything is transcribed and searchable.  

          The instructions for Crowd include:  Please transcribe letterhead, including names, places, and any words that are in the letterhead.

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            Lauren Algee Scout

            This is not an area where we previously had clear instructions, but as Melissa Himes points out, we do now! The recent update to our "How to Transcribe" page clarifies that we do want you to transcribe letterheads. This is because they so often contain really rich information about people, places, and organizations that researchers may be searching for. Imagine if you were a genealogical researcher whose ancestor was in that list of Directors - how amazing to turn them up in a Library of Congress search! Or a historian trying to determine the overlap of membership between this organization and another.


            I also agree with Melissa's inclination to ignore formatting to keep the letterhead and letter information in the order in which you would read. That is my recommendation to all letterhead transcribers. However, as a reviewer, I think you could approve this item if it includes no other transcription errors.  While we don't want you to spend time and energy on formatting, it ultimately won't hurt our primary goal of enhancing discovery through keyword search. Though the spacing may create challenges for accessibility technologies like screen readers which we are also hoping to serve with our transcriptions.

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