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    TDY to Vietnam 1967


      Need to obtain proof that my husband, a USAF vet  served TDY in Vietnam in 1967. No records found through National Archives so far. Flew helicopter. Was shot down in Vietnam. Made his way to Thailand then to Clark Air Base. Need morning papers,flight record or medical report of some type. Thanks.I am his surviving spouse.

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          Dear Ms. Cuseo,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          Morning reports for Air Force units are in the custody of the National Archives at St. Louis (RL-SL). Please contact RL-SL for access to these records. The address is the National Archives at St. Louis (RL-SL), P.O. Box 38757, St. Louis, MO 63138 and the email address is stl.archives@nara.gov. 


          Individual Flight Records of separated Air Force personnel and Aircrew Mission Flight Data are maintained for 56 years. For information concerning the location of these records, we suggested that you contact the Air Force Records Manager, Department of the Air Force, SAF/A6PPA (C&I Policy Branch), 1800 Air Force Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330. 


          Individual medical reports of veterans who left the Air Force prior to May 1994 are in the custody of NARA's National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  Please complete a NA Form 13042 and mail it to NARA's National Personnel Records Center, (Military Personnel Records), 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138-1002.


          We hope this information is helpful.


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