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      Hi all. I'm new to this and have a question. If I am reviewing a document and see that text was originally all uppercase (especially on printed letterhead), but has been transcribed as upper/lower, should I take time to correct that or leave it as is? For example, WASHINGTON on the original has been transcribed as Washington. I tried searching the threads and reading through the help files, but didn't see anything about this. Thank you.

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          Henry Rosenberg Pioneer

          Personally, I would leave it. The moderators are more concerned with the actual words. If that is the only inconsistency, in my opinion, you can let it go.

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            Lauren Algee Tracker

            Hi Dina!  Welcome!


            I concur with Henry's recommendation.  As usual, we want you to type what you see and keep search in mind.  The Library's search capability is capitalization-agnostic, so it doesn't hurt (or help) for something to be uppercase vs. lowercase. 


            When transcribing, I generally stick with original capitalization. Sometimes "translating" capitalization from one to the other requires a volunteer to make assumptions about capitalization of names or acronyms that might unintentionally insert errors. Something to look out for as a reviewer. But I do understand that as a transcriber or reader it can be almost painful to have to read all caps, so it isn't something I worry about changing as a reviewer.


            Thanks for your question!

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