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    Feedback on revised instructions


      First of all, let me say "Bravo!" to the team that revised the transcription instructions.  I saw many things added that I'd hoped would be.  I have only a couple of comments.


      I think the section on line-breaks could benefit from division into two paragraphs.  One on preserving line breaks, and another on what to do when you encounter words found broken over two lines or pages.  For the second paragraph, I would suggest a clearer separation between the two kinds.  I felt that the current version has the reader going back and forth between them.  Also, I feel that the phrase "creating line breaks" should really be "preserving line breaks" as it is in the first paragraph.


      I've taken the liberty of rewriting what I imagine would be the second paragraph of the Line-break section. 


      "The exception to preserving line breaks is where words are broken over two lines or two pages. When the word is broken over two lines on the same page, type the word on the first line that it appears.  In the case of a word that breaks across two pages, transcribe it on both pages."


      In the section on When not to transcribe printed text, it might be helpful to mention letterhead.  I have transcribed some of them because it would be important to know from where the letter writer is sending their message.  It might be information that would be of interest to people relying on screen readers.  On the other hand, I haven't been transcribing the parts of the letterhead that has long lists of the board of directors, or what is essentially advertising copy.


      I hope this helps.  I plan to look at the instructions for reviewing at a later date.