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    Michael Musmanno and John Toland interviews


      I have been looking for the Michael Musmanno interview of Wilma Schaub that took place in 1948.  The interview is neither at the U. of Duquesne Gumberg Library nor is it in his translator's, Elisabeth Billig at the U. of Ohio. Is there any other place this could be?


      In this same vein, I have visited the FDR library, worked with the archivist, and spoken with the manuscript archivist in the LOC looking for John Toland interviews for his Hitler books. Gretl Braun, Heinrich Hoffman, Jr., Bruno Gesche, and Herta Schneider's are all missing...and not listed. Toland acknowledges in Vol 1 of his Hitler books that he spoke with both Herta and Gretl, but does list the interviews in the back of the book. Is anyone aware of there wherabouts?

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          Jason Atkinson Ranger

          Dear Mr. Winter,


          Thank you for posting your follow-up request to History Hub!

          We searched on ArchivesGrid, SNAC, and Archives Finder and could not locate any additional repositories with documents relating to Michael Musmanno’s work in regards to interviewing the associates of Adolf Hitler. Because these activities were done in his private capacity rather than on behalf of the United States government, any documentation generated was his private property and the creation, maintenance and disposition of the records would have been entirely at his own discretion.

          It might help to know where you are finding references to the interview. If it is only mentioned in his original publications, then it is possible that Musmanno decided not to include the associated documents when he donated his papers to the University of Duquesne. If it cited in more recent publications or documentaries then you could inquire with the creators of said works.

          Likewise, we are unaware of any repositories of the papers of John Toland beyond the ones you have already searched. One option might be contacting the publisher of his books. They may have additional knowledge of there whereabouts of any associated manuscripts, and they might be willing to contact his heirs on your behalf.


          We hope this is helpful.


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            Thanks for your response, Jason.  Here is the strange thing: We saw the references of both the Musmanno article and the Toland articles on a Tumblr website posted by "Putschgirl." They are no longer there, but can be found by searching various blogs on WordPress.  The person who posted them translated the interviews and added photographs, so they read like articles, but did quote Musmanno and Toland.  We found all the information in them to be correct.  Also, Putschgirl cited that the Toland interviews were in the LOC and even listed the box numbers. We know that not to be the case, since the Toland papers are in the FDR Library. I have gone there in person, and the articles are not there, nor could the boxes be arranged as Putschgirl suggests, because they are alphabetized at the FDR Library and the box numbers given by Putschgirl were randomized relative to being alphabetical.


            Having said all this, we don't want to rely on posted Internet articles, yet we find them compelling. That is why we are searching for the originals.  We cannot locate or identify Putschgirl to ask how he/she obtained these articles. I even contacted Toland's daughter, who checked what remnants of his papers remained in her house. They were not there.


            Again, thanks for your help.


            Alan Winter

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                Jason Atkinson Ranger

                In regards to John Toland's papers, the Library of Congress does have the series John Toland papers, 1944-1965.  Am I correct in understanding that you have already searched those?

                As for the Wilma Schaub interview, we did encounter the purported excerpts on the social media sites you mention, but as you have already said, the fact that none of them provide citations creates grave problems for the verifiability and reliability, especially given that they can not be found in the only known collections of Musmanno's interviews. Our only remaining suggestion at this point is to search his publications and the previously referenced collections to see if there is any evidence at all of him ever speaking to her.

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