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    Seeking Info On My GGGrandfather


      I'm searching for any info on my great great grandfather, George Washington Williams. There isn't too much to give. He may have been born in 1810 in Tennessee.  He was a Native American  I'm searching anything on his Parents,  I can't find any info on them. He married Jane, Sarah, and Edian. He had a host of children and called Alabama home. His son Charley is my Great Grandfather. He too is a mystery. His death is questionable (murdered)? Yet no News Articles, Police Reports just hearsay. I'm desperate to know the answers to these questions. Do you think you could help? I'm forever grateful. If there's records I can go to, please tell me. I've been unsuccessful in finding any. George died 1-30-1890 and Charley 10-30-1901? Or 1900 both in Alabama.